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How it Works : Fantastic Body and Beauty

Body and Beauty
Body and Beauty
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How does Lipo-slim Laser work?

It is a cold laser light that is applied directly to the skin. The laser light stimulates the fat cells to open up and release their “fat” contents; this is equivalent to stored energy being used during exercise; hence this is a stimulation of the natural process of the body using stored energy and is completely natural. The “fat” contents are made up of water, glycerol and free fatty acids, as they are released from the cell, the fat cell shrinks. This procedure is safe, no surgery, its non invasive and best of all no “down” time after a treatment.

About Lipo-slim Laser:

  • Unwanted fat is reduced without surgery
  • The laser penetrates the skin through to the hypodermis, surrounding organs are not penetrated
  • The cold laser stimulates the fat cells to release water, glycerol and free fatty acids
  • The fat cell then shrinks
  • The body’s lymphatic system removes the fat cell contents
  • Exercise is required to assist with the removal of the released fat cell contents from the body within 24 hours post treatment or with the use of heat therapy.

Why Laser-slim Lipo?

  • Reduce appearance of cellulite
  • Spot fat reduction, specific areas can be targeted
  • Targets any area on the body which is resistant to diet and exercise. Results may vary.
  • The body can be re-sculpt or contoured, common areas for treatment are the stomach, back (bra bulge), buttocks, chin, neck, love handles, thighs and upper arms.
  • It is an affordable treatment compared to surgical liposuction, Ultrasound or Laser techniques.
  • The treatment is safe, no abnormal effects on the body or damage to body tissue , blood vessels or neighbouring vital organs.
  • Treatment can be performed on all skin types
  • Normal activity can resume post treatment, no “downtime”
  • Immediate results can be seen after each treatment
  • Lose between 2cm to 6cm per treatment

Adipocyte(Fat) cell during a Lipo-Slim Laser treatment

1. Fat cell at rest
2. The laser energy starts to irradiate the fat cells
3. Pores form on the fat cells to allow the contents to be released
4. Water, glycerol and free fatty acids are released from the fat cells
5. As the treatment continues, water, glycerol and free fatty acids enter the interstitial space (space around every cell)and the fat cells shrink and collapse

Do Full Moons Cause Anxiety?




nergy from solar flares, full moons and other naturally occurring events can create physical manifestations such as dizziness, fatigue, anxiety, irritability and flu like symptoms for many of us.

The energy these natural events generate is tremendous but the impact on our bodies is often overlooked.

If you’re being affected by any of the above symptoms but can’t pinpoint why, take a moment to consider if one of the following events has happened recently:



elestial events create tremendous amounts of energy that we as inhabitants of Earth absorb.  The


that exploded over Russia in February of 2013 delivered a force to our atmosphere equivalent to 30 Hiroshima bombs. [


] Magnetic energy from

solar flares

has the ability to influence brain activity and our central nervous system. The effects may manifest as unknown anxiety and agitation.

Some people, like your’s truly, feel exhausted, queasy, dizzy or nauseous after a solar flare erupts. Others may notice headaches while other people report  not sleeping well, losing track of time and forgetfulness. [source]

There may be an energetic reason why police calls and emergency room visits increase on nights with full moons. The moon is constantly drawing energy from Earth.  The gravitational pull of the moon is what creates the tides in our oceans. Some studies suggest that full moons adversely impact our sleep cycles. [source]



eather events also contribute an enormous amount of energy to our environment.  The average


 can generate an energy equivalent to 10,000 nuclear bombs. [


] Compared to a hurricane, a tornado’s energy contribution is quite low because most of the energy spent is used to keep the storm going. Regardless, in terms of storm size and focused energy, a tornado is

6 times

more powerful than a hurricane. [



Terra Firma


t’s estimated that there’s an


 every thirty seconds. While many of these are too small to measure, quakes that measure 6 on the Richter scale have an energetic equivalent of 200 tons of TNT. Magnitude 9 earthquakes are capable of delivering energy the equivalent of 99 million tons of TNT, or 25,00 nuclear bombs. [



The Human Factor


ecause we have the ability to influence one another’s energy, a group of people reacting to an event can generate powerful vibrations of thought and emotional energy.  This energy can be either positive or negative and is capable of being carried worldwide through media and the internet.

The staggering amount of information and imagery available to us can impact us physically.  If consumption of negative input from televisions, computers and other people is not managed and released, it can lower our personal frequency.

Personal frequency, measured in electrical output, that falls too low allows for dis-ease to take hold.  Studies have shown that cancers can form in frequency of 42 MHz or less, while the process of death begins when frequency dips as low as 20 MHz. [source]

How We Can Cope


e need to remain grounded and balanced during bursts of naturally occurring energy so we don’t suffer needless anxiety and stress.  Staying grounded and balanced will help us become part of the solution for those around us who may be suffering without knowing why.

Here is a collection of ideas for helping you release energy while staying grounded.  There are also useful apps available for your phone that will alert you to solar storms and earthquakes across the globe so you can be ready for any impact they may cause.

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